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AI Questionnaire

How much do you know about client management systems and their use with AI technologies?

Rank from 1 (least interested) to 5 (most interested). How interested are you in a client management system that uses AI to automate tasks like email suggestions, data entry, and event management? 

What do you think are the biggest challenges in managing your client management system that AI could help with?

Have you used a system with AI features before? If yes, what features did it have and how well did they work?


Can you think of any other client management tasks that could be improved with AI? Please give examples if possible.


Do you have any security and privacy concerns about AI integration in client management systems? Please share any specific concerns or suggestions you may have.


Do you have any other comments or feedback?

Rank the following AI features based on your most wanted feature (1 being the most wanted):
Personalised Communication
Workflow Automation
Intelligent Data Entry
Data Insights and Analytics
Assistance in Case/Event/Membership Management
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